Al Thuraya Assist (ATA) services are designed to support NGOs, humanitarian organizations, and partners at every stage of their intervention and missions in the world’s most vulnerable and inaccessible regions. From immediate situational awareness and assessments, long-term strategic analysis, safety and crisis support, to strengthening On the Ground support, ATA has the knowledge, capacity, and skills to provide the peace of mind that interventions are efficiently and innovatively conducted.

ATA services are developed and adapted with the expertise and knowledge of NGO sector professionals, and with strong adherence to the humanitarian principles of neutrality, non-armament, and safety and security. Our services are adapted to the local context of your operational areas.

ATA ensures logistical support is provided for organizations who have never set foot in their target country and who would like to launch interventions in challenging and complex circumstances, particularly for post and in-conflict environments.

With our experience in the North African and Middle East Region, ATA has worked in some of the world’s most complex environments providing:

  • Consultative contexual analysis and situational awareness
  • Eco-system mapping of vulnerable communities
  • Long-term Strategic Analysis
  • Logistical Routing and Support
  • Risk and Vulnerability Assessments
  • Monitoring, Tracking, Documentation of Aid Packages
  • Emergency Preparedness and Crisis Support
  • Securing Necessary Local Permits and Registrations
  • Ad-Hoc Support, Assistance, and Implementation
  • On-Site Management
  • Intermediary between Donor and Local Partner