ICEALERT On the occurrence, or anticipation, of an incident requiring an immediate operational response, ATA issues an immediate alert via the quickest technical medium available (e-mail, SMS). The alert will include the time, place and anticipated nature of the incident and a recommended response plan.
OTGINTEL An intuitive and individually designed information app to predict issues and mitigate risks. Provided from accurate sources in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) to you in real-time.


Periodic situation reports focus on the strategic, operational and tactical trends present in the context. Situation reports commonly cover local context as well as political, social, economic, demographic and environmental issues and integrate comprehensive data and statistical analysis for inter-annual trend identification.

ICEREPORTUpon-request client customized statistics, developments, analyses and expected future of safety and security in the MENA region.


OTGTRUTHUnparalleled analytical articles on developments in the MENA region.
ICEBRIEFShort and relevant updates on events across the MENA region.
ICECLEARArticles bringing clarity and comprehensive analysis to complex affairs that frequently occur in the MENA region.


ICEJEM™ICESERVE24’s proprietary real-time tracking and monitoring technology. The application provides incident response and asset management suite for any static or mobile asset deployed globally.


ICEPACK Monthly information package on a given territory or given time period.
Weekly, monthly, or per country analyses customized for you.