ATA will provide ground reporting of the step-by-step facilitation of delivery of goods ranging from tracking of aid, to the photographic evidence beginning from the securing of material aid to the handover/distribution to the select beneficiaries.

Local Sponsor:

ATA will provide a local sponsor to maintain daily on-the-ground contact and facilitate all local meetings and interactions with local trusted actors.

Safety Manager/Team Leader:

ATA will provide a qualified safety manager to coordinate NGO or humanitarian missions and interventions.

Staff Transportation/Journey Management:

ATA will provide low-profile, land transportation with trained and professional drivers.

Tracking/ SAT communication:

ATA will equip the mission with a satellite-tracking device in order to track movements of local staff. The device includes a panic button in case of an emergency. A SAT phone will be provided due to unreliability of mobile networks in case an alert needs to be sent to the staff /Team Leader.

Pre-departure Briefing Package:

ATA will ensure that all staff and visitors are knowledgeable, aware and prepared to visit their respective offices and locations before missions.

Visitor Briefing:

ATA will provide detailed briefings to incoming staff and visitors.

Risk Mitigation Plan:

ATA will provide context and location specific security management plans.

Risk Assessment:

ATA will conduct thorough risk assessments identifying relevant NGO vulnerabilities and exposure to threats.

Incident Management Plan:

ATA will provide contingency measures for relevant risks identified in the risk assessment.

Building and Site Management:

ATA will evaluate and recommend locations in operational locations according to a thorough analysis of the country‘s current safety environment and risk level, according to a specific checklist of criteria. Facilities (offices, residences, warehouses) in which staff operate and live will be selected and managed to reduce the risk of injury to personnel and loss/damage to assets.


ATA will evaluate appropriate hibernation locations equipped with all the necessary precautionary materials and food supplies.

Other Services Upon Request

Safe House:

ATA will secure a safe house for NGO staff in volatile or hostile operational areas. The safe house will meet all site regulations while maintaining a low profile.


ATA will coordinate evacuation measures by land or by sea.


ATA is able to utilise its extensive field presence and access to offer unique, high quality and site specific training curriculums that are contextualised to the local environment through the integration of actual incident types and trends prevalent in the area. The focus is on sustainability and organisational level impact.

Crisis Assistance:

For security matters of extreme urgency or sensitivity - such as life threatening injury, armed attack, fatality or kidnapping – ATA staff will be available to provide expert assistance to senior NGO crisis responders with urgent advisory, information or referral services such as liaison with local authorities, reference to medical services or advice on incident management.

Policy Reviews:

Intended for smaller or local NGOs, ATA can conduct a desktop review of your agency’s risk mitigation plans – such as for travel, kidnap protocols, evacuation etc. - and provide written feedback and recommendations including, where appropriate, best practice guidelines and examples.